Understanding Palliative Care

November 4th, 2023|Tools & Resources|

Palliative care is a type of care provided to individuals with a serious illness and focuses on improving the patient's quality of life during treatment for serious illnesses. Patients typically get palliative care alongside their regular treatments, which is available for patients of all [...]

How to Choose a Hospice Provider

March 28th, 2023|Tools & Resources|

Choosing a hospice provider can be a complex decision, especially since making the choice to start hospice care is often emotionally charged. In some cases, your physician may recommend a specific hospice foundation or agency. You might also prefer to compare a few different [...]

When Is Hospice Recommended?

September 8th, 2022|Tools & Resources|

Hospice care is recommended for those with a life expectancy of six months or less. Its primary goal is to provide support, treatment, and pain relief to improve the quality of life for patients in the end stages of life. Choosing when to start [...]

Hospice Care During the Holidays

December 1st, 2021|Tools & Resources|

The holidays are a time for families to come together and share the joys of life, but for families faced with making a decision about hospice care, the holiday season could also bring extra stress. The desire to put off a decision about entering [...]

Hospice Care for ALS: Admission Eligibility & Criteria

October 27th, 2021|Tools & Resources|

ALS, also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lou Gehrig's disease, is a terminal illness that progresses in stages after a diagnosis. At the end stages of ALS, hospice care can help the patient maintain personal dignity and enjoy the best possible quality of life after stopping medical intervention.

Hospice Care at Home

June 25th, 2021|Tools & Resources|

A terminal illness diagnosis brings many challenges, but it doesn't have to mean leaving your home or being without the support of those you love. In-home hospice care helps you or your loved one remain in a familiar, comfortable environment during the final days, weeks, or months of life.

How to Help Aging Parents by Planning Ahead

May 18th, 2021|Tools & Resources|

Children of aging parents often find themselves responsible for care decisions about senior family members, and planning ahead can make the process easier. Waiting until an emergency occurs makes decisions more stressful, so consider the options available for your loved one early. Three Oaks Hospice offers caring, compassionate hospice care and provides a wide variety of services designed to help families adjust to this new phase of life.

Bereavement Strategies – Coping with Grief and Loss

April 6th, 2021|Tools & Resources|

When a loved one faces the end of life, family members and friends go through a complex process of grief that can last for months or years. Three Oaks Hospice offers assistance to families in bereavement and can help you make the most of those last days spent with your loved one. Learning healthy bereavement strategies makes it easier to work through the various stages of grief.

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